Ways to Secure Your Home for Guests

Ways to Secure Your Home for Guests

When many homeowners decide to invest in a home security system, they do so with themselves primarily in mind. What likely becomes clear, especially during the first several months of working with a new security monitoring service, is that people other than the homeowners can benefit from it, too.

Most people welcome house guests into their homes for any number of reasons, whether that be holidays or just a weekend visit from grandma so she can babysit the kids. Whatever the reason, there is a good possibility that your houseguests will not only benefit from but also interact with your home security system, and these tips will ensure they get the most from the service will they’re visiting:

Give a Tutorial

While your security system may be second nature to you at this point, it all likely is brand new to your guests. Since they may enter and exit the home when you’re not there, it’s a good idea to start their stay with a tutorial of how to use the keypad and other important aspects of the system.

Make Sure Guests Have Access

Depending on what kind of service you’ve got, the way you provide access may differ, but for those with systems that can be controlled remotely via smartphone, consider giving your guests access to your account through an app. Some systems allow for smart locks, which not only don’t require keys at all, but also ensure that guests can get into the home any time through a special code you can set up through the service. It’s much more convenient for everyone.

When smart locks are not available, however, set up a temporary code for your guests to enter at the panel whenever they enter or leave your residence when you’re not there.

Makes Guests Aware of Any Cameras

While you are not necessarily required to tell guests where all the security cameras are, you do want them to feel comfortable in your home. To ensure this is the case, make them aware of the location of all security cameras. This allows you to maintain security in your home without unwittingly invading the privacy of a houseguest.

Lock Up Valuables

If the house guest you’re welcoming is something like an Airbnb renter, make sure you’ve informed them which areas of the home are off limits, and lock away your valuable items to avoid any risk of having something stolen. Those home-share services are great sources of extra income, but not at the expense of losing something that’s important to you.

Connect with Security Professionals

If you are looking for a monitoring service near Pasadena, California, please consider Supreme Satellite & Security, as we can install a system that not only keeps the homeowners safe, but also allows guests to feel safe while they’re visiting your house. Our systems are all easy to use and allow for guest codes that work great for visitors. Feel free to make your home feel welcoming for guests, especially when it comes to your security monitoring service.

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