The Best Alternatives to Traditional Cable

The Best Alternatives to Traditional Cable

When it comes to television, California consumers live in a world where they have more affordable options than ever before. With a bevy of great streaming services made ever-better by improving internet speeds and even traditional cable services coming in with impressively low promotional prices, consumers have all sorts of ways to bring their favorite shows directly into their home.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Traditional Cable

Plenty of people still love the services that traditional cable provides. There are seemingly endless channels to peruse for channel-surfing, plus DVR capabilities to easily organize your favorite shows and watch them whenever you’re ready. Traditional cable also allows for people to watch live events as they occur, such as sports and major awards broadcasts.

The biggest gripe many people have with traditional cable is that it costs more per month than cheaper (and sometimes free) streaming services. Still, if cable is what you want, we recommend going with DirecTV. Not only are its promotional prices among the lowest in the industry, but it also comes with free installation, bundling discounts for AT&T customers, and a long-standing reputation for customer satisfaction. In other words, if you’re sticking with cable, DirecTV—available here at Supreme Satellite & Security—is the way to go.

More Affordable Streaming Options

Of course, not everybody wants traditional cable, and those looking to cut the cord should consider one or more of the following options to watch their favorite shows:


The basic Netflix plan starts at just $8.99 per month, which is great considering the myriad of Netflix original series that include longtime favorites and new releases that almost immediately become part of the collective zeitgeist. The programming is fantastic, and the price is reasonable.

Amazon Prime Video

If you have Amazon Prime ($99/year), you have access to Amazon Prime video, though the service is also available to non-Prime members for just $8.99 a month. This gives you access to all sorts of movies and original series (such as the award-winning, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”) that you can stream directly through your smart TV, tablet, or smartphone.


The standard Hulu package has dropped the price of its basic package to $5.99 per month (with commercials), which is a great deal considering all the current broadcast network shows it airs, to say nothing of its fantastic original programming like “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Online Cable Network Channels

Most major networks will put their recently-aired television episodes directly online for a limited time, which means you can watch many of your favorite network shows for free without having to wait for them to pop up on one of the other streaming services.


While YouTube does air some original programming (which it charges for), there are millions of ways to enjoy old clips from beloved shows, including some full episodes of certain favorite shows. The content available on YouTube runs the full gamut, and many smart TVs will stream that directly through your TV.

Your Reliable Satellite Internet Provider

As your satellite internet provider in California, we here at Supreme Satellite & Security are eager to provide you with the entertainment you love most, whether that be a traditional, affordable cable package through DirecTV or one of the above streaming services made more palatable by the high-speed internet we can provide. However you watch television these days, it must be nice to know there are more affordable options available to consumers than ever before.

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