Are Home Security Systems Safe from Hacking?

Are Home Security Systems Safe from Hacking?

As with all things in the modern world, cybersecurity absolutely is a concern when it comes to home security camera systems. The idea of a security system getting hacked and giving criminals alarm-less access to a home is truly frightening, but the good news is that security providers having taken smart measures to get ahead of lawbreakers in this regard. Plus, there are some best practices in terms of keeping hackers locked out of your security system, and the following are the most effective of them:

1. Change Your Default Settings

First things first, default settings essentially give criminals a free pass to do whatever they want with your security system. All they have to do is follow the directions for altering the default and they could give themselves access to whatever they want.

Specifically, remote access to security systems is often available through smartphone apps, which is enabled by default. However, if you haven’t set yours up, hackers could take advantage of that and use their own phones to hook up with your home security systems, especially if the homeowner has not changed the default passwords for the system itself. Default passwords like “1111” or “admin” are the easiest for them to access.

2. Occasionally Change Your Password

In movies, criminals trying to break into museums to steal 10-pound diamonds have to access the constantly-changing stream of passwords to enter the perfect one at the perfect time. The same should be true for your home, albeit to a lesser extent. If you change your passwords frequently, always making sure that the passwords are long and complex, there’s less chance anyone will be able to break into them.

3. Protect Your Router and Wireless Network

Security on the wireless system itself isn’t the only concern; homeowners also should password-protect their router because giving hackers access to that could give them a backdoor into your system (and every other device you’ve got connected to that router). If you want to take it one step further, consider hiding your network completely. Hackers can’t hack into what they can’t find.

4. Avoid Public WiFi

If you are going to check your home system through the app, avoid entering the password or using the app while on public WiFi, as that could give nearly anyone access to what you’re doing. Only use WiFi networks you 100 percent trust, or turn the WiFi off and use your data to access your home security system instead.

5. Go Wired

While some see this as a hassle, wired systems do make it impossible for a hacker to get into a security system. Put simply, wired systems are more secure than wireless systems in some ways, even if they do require a little extra effort to get set up.
If you have any questions about your home security system, never hesitate to reach out to someone here at Supreme Satellite & Security. We want our customers to stay protected against hackers because the truth is, these systems can be at risk if homeowners don’t take the proper precautions. And aren’t “proper precautions” the reason you invested in a home security system in the first place?

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